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Reading "Coastal Wolves 4" at the Altlandsberg City School.


"Wolves of the Coast 4" in bookstores now!


Wolves of the Coast 5 - Battle for the secret island in the Baltic Sea

The coastal wolves Lukas, Anna, Lisa, Finn and the vitalians Sara and Thomo fight their way through the jungle of the Secret Island in the Baltic Sea to free the adults from the pirate town of Libera. They are pursued by sinister creatures, get caught in a dangerous waterfall and are shot at from their own ship.
In Libera, however, Coastal Wolves and Vitalians are not welcome and have to flee from the henchmen of the corrupt king. Now they have only one hope: in a remote corner of the island they are to meet the mysterious Blackbeard. Was Störtebeker right with his prophecy? Will the island sink into the sea? And what is the greatest of all treasures that Sara keeps talking about?
But even with a cunning plan, helpful dolphins and the biggest pirate ship in the world, this battle is the biggest and most dangerous of all they have experienced so far. And everything turns out quite differently than expected...

Will be published on 1st of July 2023

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ISBN 978-3959161091

Teaching concepts for a whole year of film lessons

Two manuals by Linda Hagspiel, André Nebe and Katrin von Kap-herr, "FilmClique" and "ClassroomFilms, each offer an elaborated teaching concept that optimally adapts content, learning objectives and teaching methods to everyday school life and the respective age group. They were scientifically developed and practically tested within the framework of a BMBF-funded project.

Film and media lessons for an entire school year (approx. 57 school lessons of 45 minutes each) are thus easily made possible. Elaborated lesson plans with suitable teaching methods, templates, worksheets and online references to clips and presentations help to considerably reduce the effort of lesson preparation.

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„ClassroomFilms: Ein filmdidaktisches Lehrkonzept mit Jugendlichen für ein ganzes Schuljahr. Altersgruppe: 13–16 Jahre“. (2023).
„FilmClique: Ein filmdidaktisches Lehrkonzept mit Kindern für ein ganzes Schuljahr Altersgruppe: 9–13 Jahre“. (2023).


English Edition "Humour and successfull cildren's films"

From the blurb:

André F. Nebe uses his humour structure analysis to make viewers' preferences and
corresponding audiovisual offerings in films visible. Complex and multi-layered
audiovisual (hypotactic) humour is used in the more successful films, while less
successful films make simple (paratactic) humour offerings. Humour structure
analysis offers insights into promising humour offerings and can also be used in
the story development phase for writers, directors, producers and dramaturges.

The content:
• Humour in science and practice
• Questioning children about humour
• Components of humour-categorised film analysis
• Correlations between children's humour preferences and humour
offerings in the analysed films
• Correlations to budget, shooting days and number of visitors
The target groups
Lecturers and students of media studies and film schools
Film producers and directors, scriptwriters, TV editors, licence buyers for film/
TV, film funding institutions

in your bookstore end of May 2023

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ISBN 978-3-658-40322-5

Wolves of the Coast 4: The secret island in the baltic sea

For a year Lukas has heard nothing from the other coastal wolves or the Vitalians, when suddenly Sara stands in front of him, presses a gold coin into his hand and kisses him before disappearing. At the same time, Anna sends him a message to come to Usedom immediately. The map of a secret island in the Baltic Sea has been stolen by the Vitalians.
The coastal wolves set sail. Via Rostock, Wismar, Lübeck, Hamburg and Kiel, Lukas, Anna, Finn and Lisa pursue the thieves in search of the secret island. Near Fehmarn, their navigation suddenly goes haywire and the coastal wolves get caught in a dangerous whirlpool that pulls them down. The Vitalier's ship lies stranded on a sandbank, with no trace of the crew. Then the coastal wolves are also attacked.
Luke wakes up on a lonely palm beach. Where are the others? What is this place? Who is Blackbeard? The island is full of secrets and dangers. And the biggest can banish coastal wolves and Vitalier only together with new friends, if it is not already too late...

in your bookstore from March, 20th 2022

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ISBN 978-3959160919


Buchtrailer 1 Küstenwölfe 4 Buchtrailer 2 Küstenwölfe 4


Wolves of the Coast 3: The secret ship

After three weeks on Usedom, Lukas' vacation comes to an end and he has to say goodbye to the other coastal wolves.
But hardly arrived at home in Berlin, Lukas is attacked in the night by the hostile Vitalians and must hand over the "Eyes of Störtebeker".
Since his father has forgotten something important on Usedom, Lukas is able to persuade his parents to let him return to the island. This way he can warn his friends that the Vitalians are up to something again - and besides, he still has the real "eyes".
But they have rejoiced too soon: with cunning and trickery, the young Vitalians Sara and Thomo get hold of one of the precious pearls. What is it about the "eyes of Störtebeker"?
In Stralsund, the coastal wolves learn part of the truth in the mysterious Library of the Sea: the pearls can supposedly magically lead to a legendary ship. The enemy pirates want to prevent the Coastal Wolves from finding it before they do at all costs, and they do not even shy away from kidnapping it.
So the coastal wolves are soon on their own. Should they give up or fight?
They trust the "eyes of Störtebeker", which lead them first to Greifswald, then in the direction of Fischland-Darß-Zingst. What awaits them there they could never have imagined in their wildest dreams.

in your bookstore mid July 2020

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ISBN 978-3959160636

Die Küstenwölfe - Band 2: Der Fluch des Schwarzen Korsaren

After the "Coastal Wolves" have stolen the treasure from the Black Corsair, Lukas, Anna, Lisa and Finn are looking forward to a relaxing vacation on the beach of Usedom. But soon they have to face new dangers. A suspicious
A suspicious brother and sister spy on the "coastal wolves", parts of the treasure are stolen, a curse from ancient times seems to control everyone - and the Black Corsair challenges Lukas to a duel at the pier at midnight.
The Joy finally want to know what it all means and pursue the mysterious pirate to the island of Rügen. But in the Great Jasmund Bodden only more riddles are waiting. What does the Black Corsair really want?
Who owns the second pirate ship that is suddenly cruising off the coast? How dangerous is the sea snake? And what do the legendary privateers Klaus Störtebeker and Gödecke Michels have to do with the curse?
Enemies become friends and friends become enemies, until it comes to the all-important battle on the Baltic Sea at night. Ready to board!

in your bookstore from March 21st

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ISBN 978-3959160513

Humor und erfolgreiche Kinderfilme

André F. Nebe uses his humor structure analysis to make viewer preferences and corresponding audiovisual offerings in films visible. Complex and multi-layered audiovisual (hypotactic) humor is used in the more successful films, while less successful films make simple (paratactic) humor offerings. Humor structure analysis offers insights into promising humor offerings and can also be used in the story development phase for writers, directors, producers, and dramaturges.

Ab November 2018 im Buchhandel

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ISBN 978-3-658-23328-0

Die Küstenwölfe - Spuk auf der Ostsee

But parents never listen! Lukas had wanted a trip to the mountains for his birthday. Instead, he spends his summer vacation on the rainy Baltic Sea. In the worst storm he has ever experienced, he seeks refuge in old Knut's junk store. A short time later, Finn and the sisters Anna and Lisa are also blown into the store by the wind. Coincidence or fateful encounter?
When Anna offers to teach Lukas how to sail, their boring vacation days are numbered. A Morse code, an old prophecy, a missing diving suit and a stolen sailing ship pose all kinds of riddles for the friends.
Why are Anna and Lisa's grandfather, who currently lives on the deserted island of Ruden, behaving so strangely? What is it about the wolf that keeps appearing near them? And what is hidden on the stranded ship?
Their curiosity gets the "coastal wolves" into many a dicey situation - and their adversary is more dangerous than they could ever have dreamed. In a nightly sea battle, everything will be decided...

Ab Juni 2018 im Buchhandel

14,50 €
ab 8 Jahren

ISBN: 978-3959160421

Die Geisterreiter - Der Schatz des Ritters Hermelhain

Old knight's tales and mysterious signs

Tommy likes to say things, doesn't follow any rules and raids the pantry at night. But his favorite tease is Mia. The passionate horsewoman would like to throw the braggart off the farm. Luckily, there's clever scout Ben and funny Lara. When the four of them come across the legend of the ghost riders, Tommy pulls himself together and together they set off on an exciting search for the legendary treasure, through sinister caves and hidden passages. But they are not the only treasure hunters ...

9,99 €
ab 8 Jahren

ISBN: 978-3833902345

Die Geisterreiter - Die Rächer Rothardts

The curse of the treasure

Full of anticipation, Tommy, Mia, Ben and Lara meet again during the autumn vacations at the Maigrunds' horse farm. Tommy and Mia are just starting to get along better and even Ben is slowly overcoming his fear of riding the giant "critters" thanks to Lara. But the treasure of the ermine grove seems to be cursed: Mia's horse disappears, spooky things go on at night and a dangerous gang threatens to divide the ghost riders ...

9,99 €
ab 8 Jahren

ISBN: 978-3833902529

Video von der Lesung im Frankfurter Rathaus

A short video clip of the beautiful reading in Frankfurt's Römer on 25.09.13 is now online. Have fun with it!


2017Doctoral thesis "Humor - structures of a cinematic medium in selected
highly popular German children's films". Published under A7490 by the library of the Filmuniversity Potsdam-Babelsberg.
2015Preferences of kids as a guide for definitions and age recommendations for kid's films (German title: Kinder an die Macht! Bedürfnisse von Kindern als Maßstab der Definition und Altersempfehlung von Kinderfilmen). In: Janning, Jürgen/Pecher, Claudia Maria/Richter, Karin (eds.): Erzählen im Prozess des gesellschaftlichen und medialen Wandels. Baltmannsweiler, 2015. p. 253-287. ISBN: 978-3-8340-1420-7.

Die Rechtsstellung des Filmproduzenten in den Mitgliedsstaaten der EU, München.
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