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"Löwenzahn" - episode "Bread" Ki.Ka at 19:25


Reading "Coastal Wolves 4" at the Altlandsberg City School.


On this page you will find some information on myself, my work as a motion-picture director, writer and lecturer and you can view trailers from my films.

News online

www.classroomfilms.deE-Learning-Videos auf classroomfilms  

Based on the manuals by Linda Hagspiel, André Nebe and Katrin von Kap-herr, "FilmClique" and "ClassroomFilms" (see below), the platform has now gone online. The platform is currently being tested.

Film and media lessons for an entire school year (approx. 57 lessons of 45 minutes each) are now even easier, as teachers can now access all teaching materials and over 30 instructional videos at one address. In addition, virtual classrooms can be set up and student videos can be easily uploaded.

Further information on the platform's range of functions can be found here.

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Teaching concepts for a whole year of film lessons

Unterrichtskonzept für ein Jahr Filmunterricht (13-16 Jahre)Unterrichtskonzept für ein Jahr Filmunterricht (9-13 Jahre)  

Two manuals by Linda Hagspiel, André Nebe and Katrin von Kap-herr, "FilmClique" and "ClassroomFilms, each offer an elaborated teaching concept that optimally adapts content, learning objectives and teaching methods to everyday school life and the respective age group. They were scientifically developed and practically tested within the framework of a BMBF-funded project.

Film and media lessons for an entire school year (approx. 57 school lessons of 45 minutes each) are thus easily made possible. Elaborated lesson plans with suitable teaching methods, templates, worksheets and online references to clips and presentations help to considerably reduce the effort of lesson preparation.

More informationen (German) here
Download (German only!):
„ClassroomFilms: Ein filmdidaktisches Lehrkonzept mit Jugendlichen für ein ganzes Schuljahr. Altersgruppe: 13–16 Jahre“. (2023).
„FilmClique: Ein filmdidaktisches Lehrkonzept mit Kindern für ein ganzes Schuljahr Altersgruppe: 9–13 Jahre“. (2023).

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Wolves of The Coast Part 5 will be published on 1st of July 2023

Küstenwölfe V - Kampf um die geheime Insel in der Ostsee
Wolves of The Coast Part 5 - ' Battle for the secret island in the Baltic Sea' will be published on 1st of July 2023
Order here at a German local bookstore!

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English edition of "Humour and successful children's films"

Cover Humour and successful children's films   
The English edition of my book "Humour and Successful Children's Films" will be published by Springer at the end of May 2023.

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New films from the BMBF project PRINA

As part of the BMBF-funded WIR project PRINA, new films were made in the summer of 2022. Pupils from a grammar school in Joachimsthal and a primary school in Templin made films about an innovative field robot and the use of mules in forestry under my project management. Beforehand, an eight-month film workshop was integrated into the lessons at the schools:

Field robot
 Mules and forester
 Behind the scenes
Feldroboter Mulis Behind the scenes

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Trailer "Wolves of the Coast 4"

Two book trailers set the mood for the 4th volume of my Coastal Wolves:

Buchtrailer 1 Küstenwölfe 4 Buchtrailer 2 Küstenwölfe 4

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"Wolves of the Coast IV" is published

Küstenwölfe Band 4
"Wolves of the Coast" Part 4 is published now!
Order here at a German local bookstore!

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Podcast "Schick und schön" with Petra

Petra und André - Podcast           

My podcast with Petra Kappler is online. In the first two episodes we chat about the eternal dilemma between the sexes. The third episode, which we'll upload on the Whitsun weekend, is about change. "Chic and beautiful" deals with everything that has come between us in life, sometimes cheerful and sometimes serious.

Listen to it here (GERMAN ONLY): Spotify, GooglePodcast, Breaker, Pocket Casts und Radio Public

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Videos of the BMBF-WIR!-Project now online

Under my direction, the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF has developed new film formats for innovative projects in the region of Uckermark, Barnim and Uecker-Randow as part of the alliance "Region 4.0".
The film clips are all about unique innovations and projects that are planned or already to be found in this region. The formats are very different: from classic reports, informative quiz clips to podcasts and music videos, everything is included. The topics are as varied as the formats. For example, if you want to know how robots and drones bring sugar beet back to the Uckermark, why free-range cattle protect the climate, what secret places you can discover in Oderberg or how bicycle inner tubes can be ordered by bus, you can find out everything here:
News-Sendung Oderberg Stadtspaziergang Musikvideo Ramsen Expertengespräch Artgerechte Weidetierhaltung Podcast Feldroboter 
Oderberg Mini-Portrait Oderberg-Quiz 1 Oderberg-Quiz 2 Oderberg-Quiz 2 Oderberg-Quiz 4
Oderberg-Quiz 6        

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Second Edition!

2. Auflage Küstenwölfe Band 1
"Wolves of the Coast" Part 1 is published in 2nd edition now!
Order here at a German local bookstore!

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The Wolves of the Coast are back!

Part 3 of my book serial "Wolves of the Coast" is available in shops mid of July 2020.
Order here at a local German bookstore

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Certificate for University Teaching

After almost two years of further training and four months of signatures, the time has come: I have been awarded the certificate for university teaching by the Minister of Science, Research and Culture of Brandenburg.

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BMBF funds Regionalisierung 4.0

The German ministry of education and science funds the joint-project "Regionalisierung 4.0". As head of participatory and interactive storytelling I took part in the project for the Filmuniversity Potsdam-Babelsberg. This little film that deals with a region north of Berlin (Uckermark) I directed: (YouTube-Link):

Unsere Region im Wandel

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Coming soon: Part 2 of Wolves of the Coast

Die Küstenwölfe - Band 2: Der Fluch des Schwarzen Korsaren
Part 2 of my German kid's novel serial 'Wolves Of the Coast' will be publishes on march 21st.

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Interactive storytelling

At the Filmuniversity Babelsberg I take over the position as Head of participatory and interactive storytelling for the joint project Regionalization 4.0.

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Coming soon: Wolves of the Coast

Cover Wolves of the Coast
My new German book serial "Wolves of the Coast" (Die Küstenwölfe) is available from June 2018.

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Doctor Humor

My doctorate which dealt with "Structure of audio-visual humor in successful children’s films" obtained the grade "magna cum laude" at the Filmuniversity Potsdam-Babelsberg. I thank my mentor, Prof. Claudia Wegener, and the chairman of the examining board, Prof. Conrad Heberling, for the support, the fair procedure and the encouraging result.

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Wolves of the Coast on course

My adventure book series "Wolves of the Coast" will be published by Biber & Butzemann in spring 2018.

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Lecture in Dublin

Following my PhD-thesis I'm giving a lecture at the Conference of the Int. Society for Humor Studiens in Dublin, Trinity University: ‘Laughing in complex ways: Structure of audio-visual humor in successful children’s films’.

ISHS Conference Dublin 2016

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Re-election for director's guild board

The general assembly of the Director's Guild of Germany elected me for the 4th time to the board.

Board of the German Director's Guild 2016

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Premier in Frankfurt

Almost all 24 actors, directors and crew-members celebrated the premier of "The Golden Cup" in the cinema of the German Film Institute in Frankfurt/Main. During a workshop a whole school class developed and shot the film with my help during the last six months.

For more information read the press-release here.

Premier in the German Film Institute

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Workshop III, shooting with 24 kids

We did it! 24 kids acted and helped out in front and behind the camera during my workshop. Premiere of the little film "The golden cup" will be in July '15 in the Cinema of the German Filmmuseum, Frankfurt/Main.

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Workshop II with reading

The 2nd part of my workshop in collaboration with the German Film Institute in Frankfurt/Main has been a good piece of work. After the kids of class 5cG of the Geschwister-Scholl-Schule developed a film story in part I we now shot some layout-scenes. A reading for 180 kids was also part of the package and left me with a husky voice...

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Power to the kids!

In the field of media science I published an essay: Preferences of kids as a guide for definitions and age recommendations for kid's films (German title: Kinder an die Macht! Bedürfnisse von Kindern als Maßstab der Definition und Altersempfehlung von Kinderfilmen). In: Janning, Jürgen/Pecher, Claudia Maria/Richter, Karin (eds.): Erzählen im Prozess des gesellschaftlichen und medialen Wandels. Baltmannsweiler, 2015. p. 253-287. ISBN: 978-3-8340-1420-7.

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Workshop in collaboration with the German Film Institute

At the German Film Institute and in collaboration with the int. kid's filmfestival LUCAS, Franfurt a.M., I'm leading a tripartite workshop. Kids learn how to write a script and produce their own film. Titel: "Tell me your story - storytelling through visualizing - kids develop stories in a playful way".

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Serial shootings for SWR

For the public broadcaster SWR I shot again for the kids serials 'Motzgurke TV' and 'Tigerentenclub'. This time we went to the Ozeaneum in Stralsund, to the Sea-Rescue-Service at Warnemünde and to the museum of technology, Berlin. Broadcasting dates are in spring 2015.

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Development funding for "Der Goldscheisser"

State chancellery of Thuringia funds the development of my script for the movie-project "Der Goldscheisser" based on the novel "Der kleine Hinz" by Bernd Hagemann. Production company: makido Film Weimar, Wien.

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Three times a wrap for SWR serial shootings

For the public broadcaster SWR I finished shootings for the kids serials 'Motzgurke TV' and 'Tigerentenclub'. Broadcasting dates are in May and August 2014.

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Videoclip of my reading in the townhall of Frankfurt am Main

A short videoclip of my reading of my kids books 'The Ghostriders' in the beautifull townhall of Frankfurt Main on 25.09.13.

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The German Federal Film Board funds the script for my film MEMORY.

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Another wrap for SWR shooting Motzgurke TV

Today I finished shooting for SWR Motzgurke TV. "A day without your mobile-phone" was the theme of a story about three kids tyring to find each other in Berlin without their cell-phones.

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Option on "Memory"

My kids-serial feature film project "memory" has been optioned by Ostlicht Film GmbH.

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It'a a wrap for SWR shooting Motzgurke TV

Today I finished the shooting of a clip for SWR Motzgurke TV about twins.

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Academic advisory council

The President of the DEKRA University of applied sciences has appointed me to the academic advisory council.

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Jury of the 36th Int. Children's Film Festival Lucas

For the Lucas Film Festival I'll be member of the Jury. The Festival takes place 22.09. - 29.09.13 in Frankfurt/Main. For more click here.

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"The Race" for the 2nd time on TV at KiKa

My film "The Race" is again broadcasted today at 4.20 pm on German Kinderkanal.

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"The Race" at KiKa - 3pm

My film "The Race" is broadcasted today at 3pm on German Kinderkanal, a joint channel of ARD and ZDF.

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"Castles" becomes anniversary episode

The serial episode "Castles - The Ghost Of Greifenklau" of which I've written the screenplay, is episode No. 100 of Löwenzahn.

Broadcast dates:
Sunday, 18.11.12
8:10 on ZDF
Sunday, 25.11.12
11:05 on KiKa

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"Noah Jonson" represented by Agency Eggers

My new kids-novel serial  "Noah Jonson" is represented by Agency Petra Eggers during and after the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012.

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That's a wrap!

In the Mediterranean Sea of Turkey I've just finished principal photography for the serial pilot of "One Boat - Two Captains". The buddy-comedy ist set in the world of travel-journalists. More information coming soon.

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"The Ghostriders" under contract to Baumhaus

My kids-novel serial "The Ghostriders" ("Die Geisterreiter" - german WT) is now under contract to publishing house Baumhaus, a division of Bastei Lübbe. Representaton by Agency Barbara Küper.

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Re-election for FERA's board

The general assembly of the FERA (European Federation for national associations of television and cinema directors) has elected me again to the board in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Re-election Director's Guild Of Germany

The geeneral meeting of the Director's Guild Of Germany re-elected me for the third time for the board. In the next two years I'll mainly take care of the newcomer's section and European matterns.

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European Directors in Opatija

As EC-member I take part in the General Assembly of FERA. This year host Croatia welcomes us in Opatija.

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Löwenzahn Drehbuch

Since December 2010 I'm writing fpr the successfull ZDF serial Löwenzahn. My first screenplay goes into production during summer 2012. Until early next year I'm wrting on my second screenplay.

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Elected to FERA-board

The general assembly of the FERA (European Federation for national associations of television and cinema directors) has elected me to the board in Rom, Cinecitta. FERA fights for the filmdirectors' rights in Europe.

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Panel-discussion at 15. Schlingel

On October, 1st I take part in a panel-discussion upon 'National identities in current kid's film productions' at the 15. Kids-Filmfestival Schlingel, Chemnitz. Host: Klaus-Dieter Felsmann.

October, 1st 2010, 15:30, Penta Hotel, Chemnitz

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'The Race' DVD

My film 'The Race' (Colm Meaney, Susan Lynch) has its DVD-release on Thursday, 10th of June.

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US-Premiere in L.A. on 1st of March 2010

"The Race" has its US-premiere in Los Angeles in the Disney Theatre:

Monday, 1st of March 2010, 6.30 pm,
Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater,
631 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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In Swedish Competition at BUFF

"The Race" joins the competition of the Int. Kids Filmfestival BUFF, Malmö.

Screening: Thursday, 18th of March 2010, 11:20 am at Spegeln A (Program No 55, from class 3 and up)

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Re-election Director's Guild Of Germany

The geeneral meeting of the Director's Guild Of Germany re-elected me to the board for two more years.

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"The Race" in Belfast

"The Race" joins the competition of the Int. Film und TV Festival for Young People, Cinemagic:

Thursday 27th of November
7:00 pm
Movie House Cinemas, Dublin Road

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"The Race" in Wien

"The Race" joins the competition of the int. 21. Kinderfilmfest in Vienna, Austria.

CINEMAGIC, Thursday, 19.11. / 9 am
VOTIV KINO, Thursday, 19.11. / 3 pm
CINE CENTER, Sunday, 22.11. / 11 am

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"The Race" in the German Press

„This kids movie captures our hearts by storm!“

TV today

„A film that encourages enormously.“

Hannoversche Allgemeine 29.10.09

„A timeless beautiful kids’ movie, that impresses with a simple story and refreshing young characters.“


„A warm-hearted, social restrained but very precisely told story about the power of dreams, loss and the cleverness of the weak ones.“

Leipziger Volkszeitung 29.10.09

„A racy adventure in front of a beautiful natural setting that shows that its worth fighting for your dreams even when there are stumbling blocks in your way. Suspensfull for grown ups and little ones. Especially eyecatching: the amazing soapboxes.“

B.Z. 29.10.09

"Real life with real characters- a bitter-sweet family film from Irleand that shows that life can be unfair but you never should give up."

Bild 29.10.09

"A beautiful film about small disappointments, big dreams and fast soapboxes."

Freie Presse 29.10.09

"It is the power of the film that it does not bet on the simple happy ending but shows that conflict between parents is not always resolved in a child’s sense and that there are sudden decisions to be made."

epd film

„„The Race“ is most convincing when it suggests the parental and children’s worlds are equal yet distinct, standing side by side. Where  kids’ movies often try to get a distance from the grown up characters, director André F. Nebe instead manages very well in his debut movie, guiding his young heroes  through the family and social reality without losing the fun and adventure.“

Hamburger Abendblatt 29.10.09

"The Berlin based director André F.Nebe is in his feature film debut more interested in a multi-layer storyline than with cracking action.
His film not only tells the story of Mary’s charming race preperation, but it also aim contemplative tones. Thanks to the appealing cast and the multi-layered storylines contrasting fun and melancholy, The Race is a traditional kidsmovie and a recommendation for visitors from 8 on."

Nibelungen Kurier 24.10.09

"Certainly in the foreground of the movie is a great race with the soapboxes and it is done with suspense right up to the great finale of the movie. But the filmmaker let swing ably in front of the eye of the audience and tells on the side a serious and informative story about the problems that most kids are confronted with at one time or other. They learn this in The Race without preaching."

taz Bremen, 29.10.09

"Director André F Nebe tells the story of an outsider who has to overcome obstacles and prejudice.
The dreams of the girl are contrasted to the divorce of the parents.
The conciliation between father and daughter is a touching moment in this convincing film with its exciting race. A movie that is not avoiding the problems of kids and grown ups. Loaded with hope, the film has a go-cart race, where winning or losing is in the foreground  but true friendship is more important."

zitty Berlin, 28.10.09

"Despite some amusing parts, André F. Nebe’s feature film debut is not a comedy. It shows kids and their parents living complicated lives the way it often is."

Berliner Morgenpost 29.10.09

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Deutschlandradio Kultur

The Radio-Show Kakadu of Deutschlandradio Kultur made a feature about "The Race" (German only).

Radiobeitrag Deutschlandradio Kultur

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"The Race" wins the main award of the children's jury at the Youth- and Kids-Film-Festival in Marburg, Germany.

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"The Race" Premiere in Potsdam

"The Race" has its German Premiere in Potsdam.

Sunday, 25th of October 2009
Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße 50
14482 Potsdam
Tel.: 0331 7437030

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"The Race" in Amsterdam

"The Race" joins the competition of the 23. Cinekid Film Festival in Amsterdam:

Thursday, 15th of October, 9:00 a.m., Zuiveringshal Oost
Friday, 16th of October, 9:00 a.m., Tuschinski 1
Saturday, 17th of Oktober, 14:00, Ketelhuis 1
Tuesday, 20th of October, 10:00 a.m., Zuiveringshal Oost

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"The Race " in Kassel, Chemnitz, Dresden and Münster

The following German Filmfestivals are screening my film "The Race" before the official release date, 29th of October 2009:

47. Kinder- und Jugendfilmfest Kassel
14. Int. Filmfestival Schlingel
17. Dresdner Kinderfilmfest
Kinderfilmfest Münster

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Trailer online

The German movie-theatre-trailer for my film "The Race" (release-date for Germany: 29th of October 2009) is now  online:

Trailer English "The Race"
Trailer German "Das grosse Rennen"

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Director's portrait in BlickpunktFilm

German filmbusiness' magazine BlickpunktFilm portraits my work in it's recent 37th issue:

Portrait in 37. BlickpunktFilm

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"The Race" in Copenhagen

Kids- and Youth-Film-Festival Buster in Kopenhagen shows my Film in competition.

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"The Race" in Giffoni

My film "The Race" joins the competition of the 39. Giffoni Film Festival in Italy:

Friday, 17th of July, 14:00, Sala Truffaut, Cinema Citadel

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"The Race" in Cannes

Market-screenings for my film "The Race" in Cannes are:

Friday, 15th of Mai, 14:00, Palais G
Sunday, 17th of May, 10:00, Palais G

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"The Race" in A-Festival competition

"The Race" participates in the 30. Deutschen Kinder-Medien-Festival (german titel: "Das große Rennen" - distributor: Farbfilm):

Gera: Tuesday, 26th of May, 9:00 am, UCI 4
Erfurt: Wednesday, 27th of May, 11:15 am, CineStar 4

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German release date for "The Race"

My film "The Race" will be released in german theatres under the german titel "Das große Rennen" at the 29th of October 2009. Farbfilm-Verleih

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"The Race" is starting!

Preproduction of my feature-film "The Race" (Script by Rowan O' Neill) has begun. Shooting will take place on locations in Ireland and Northern Ireland 'till November 2008.

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Member of the Direchtor's Guild board

During the meeting of members of the Director's Guild of Germany I was elected as representative of the newcomer section.
Director's Guild board

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"Casino Rosenthal" published

The crime novell "Casino Rosenthal", a joint venture of 16 writers including me, is now published.
Casino Rosenthal

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Cannes Screening

German Cinema screens a Best-of of the so called "Next Generation"- films of the last 10 years in Cannes. My film "Tricky Fingers" will be screened on Sunday, 20th of May.
German Cinema

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On Mai 30th is the premiere of my latest shortfilm which was produced in collaboration with the GG19-project. "The Hero Of The Hour" will be screened in the presence of the german minister of culture Bernd Neumann.

"The Hero Of The Hour"
with Josef Ostendorf und Peter Jordan
Wednesday, 30th of Mai, 7pm
Cinestar - Kino in der Kulturbrauerei
Schönhauser Alle 36
10435 Berlin

Tickets available 8 days before the screening and online:
Cinestar - Kulturbrauerei

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NIFTC supports "The Race"

The Northern Ireland Film And Television Commission (NIFTC) has decided to support the development of the project THE RACE, which I'll direct. Screenplay writer is Rowan O' Neill.
Tucano Film

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Mediaboard supports "Duende"

The Mediaboard Berlin-Brandenburg Film Commission has decided in its meeting from the 10th of November to support the development of my screenplay DUENDE.
See also: Tucano Film

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The Berlin based agency COMMITMENT represents me from now on.

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Screenwriting Grant III

Also this year the Studios Int./Höfgen support two of my screenplay-projects.

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Tucano Film set up

Together with Felicitas Milke, Dirk Morgenstern and Rowan O' Neill I founded the Tucano Film GbR. Our scriptpool includes a dozen screenplays for the movie-theatre-, TV- and "direct-to-DVD"-market which we'd like to realize with co-production partners.

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Ministry Of Justice enthusiastic

Brigitte Zypries, minister of justice, about my film "Final Credits Or The Hero Of The Hour":
"The already realised episode of article 18 of the german constitution which I recently had the pleasure to watch was a very good piece. It is highly credible in matterns of its craft and subject and makes the audience reflect about our constitution."

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Scholarship II

The Studios Int./Höfgen supported me for a second time with a scholarship. In the last six weeks I've been working on the treatment for "Astronaut" and on my debut-novell "Ex".

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Nomination Shocking Shorts Award 2005

For the second time one of my films - "The Exam" - is nominated by Universal Studio Networks/13th Street Channel for the Shocking Shorts Award. "Tricky Fingers" was one of three finalists  in 2003.

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Shooting in November

In mid-november I'll direct a shortfilm, which is part of a project that deals with the german constitution and its first 19 articles (
Cast: Peter Jordan, Josef Ostendorf. Production company: movie members.
The project is supported by the President of the German Parliament Wolfgang Thierse, the Minister of culture Christina Weisse, the President of the Goethe-Institute Prof. Jutta Limbach, Prof. Paul Kirchhof (former judge of the Federal Constitutional Court) and Dieter Kosslick (President of the Int. Filmfestival Berlin).

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The Studios International of "Denkmalschmiede Höfgen - Germany" support my feature-film project "Examen".

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"Special Mention" of the Golden Lion

"Kunstgriff" (Tricky Fingers) won the "Special Mention" of the "Golden Lion"-Jury in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Best Film of the "Next-Generation" reel

The italian TV-station RAI-Sat will give the first prize for the best movie of the "Next-Generation"-reel to "Kunstgriff" (Tricky Fingers) on 6th of April in Rome, Italy.

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"Kunstgriff" (Tricky Fingers) takes first prize, wins the award for best film at the festival of the German Cinema in Mainz, Germany.

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