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Videos of the BMBF-WIR!-Project now online

Under my direction, the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF has developed new film formats for innovative projects in the region of Uckermark, Barnim and Uecker-Randow as part of the alliance "Region 4.0".
The film clips are all about unique innovations and projects that are planned or already to be found in this region. The formats are very different: from classic reports, informative quiz clips to podcasts and music videos, everything is included. The topics are as varied as the formats. For example, if you want to know how robots and drones bring sugar beet back to the Uckermark, why free-range cattle protect the climate, what secret places you can discover in Oderberg or how bicycle inner tubes can be ordered by bus, you can find out everything here:
News-Sendung Oderberg Stadtspaziergang Musikvideo Ramsen Expertengespräch Artgerechte Weidetierhaltung Podcast Feldroboter 
Oderberg Mini-Portrait Oderberg-Quiz 1 Oderberg-Quiz 2 Oderberg-Quiz 2 Oderberg-Quiz 4
Oderberg-Quiz 6        

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