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Reading "Coastal Wolves 4" at the Altlandsberg City School.


"Wolves of the Coast 4" in bookstores now!


"The Ghostriders" Part 3

by André F. Nebe
Adventure novel serial for kids
Part 1 + 2 Published by Baumhaus-Verlag 19.07.13

"Family Thieves"

by Simone Veenstra (script) and André F. Nebe (director)
state of project: script development
production: Ulysses Film
distributor: Farbfilm
Genre: kids-film

Ocean’s eleven for kids. The 10 year old girl Fred (originally Frederike), her big sister Saskia and her cousin Kai discover several family secrets at once: their parents are thieves with a long family tradition and their grandfather is innocent in prison, because a rival family of thieves set him up in earlier years. But now they are in danger, too. In order to save themselves and turn their rivals in, the family has to do one big coup together.

"Grimo & Wizzi"

by André F. Nebe
Kids-serial concept, 3rd draft of screenplay
Production: Penguin Films South-Africa, Eyfeed SA Sweden.


by André F. Nebe
Adventure novel serial for kids
state of project: 1st draft of screenplay, funded by FFA, novel Part 1 finished
represented by agency Küper
Production: Ostlicht Film GmbH

"Noah Jonson - Sternenkind"

Emotional science-fiction Trilogy by André F. Nebe
state of project: Part 1 finished
reptesented by Agentur Eggers

"Die Küstenwölfe"

Adventure novel serial for kids by André F. Nebe
state of project: Part 1 finished (editing)

"The Astronaut"

Coming-of-age-Thriller (trilogy) for girls by André F. Nebe
state of project: Part 1 (writing)


by André F. Nebe
supported by the Mediaboard Berlin-Brandenburg Film Commission
Production company: Tucano Film & Valerian Film GmbH
state of project: screenplay, project development
shooting (planned): 2009/2010 in Spain

Genre: Arthouse-Drama
Format: movie

After the sudden death of his parents, a 15-year old orphan is forced by his guitar teacher to learn some lessons in life to mature his character and improve his playing. The boy believes he must choose between the girl he loves and a career as a flamenco guitarist but confounds his critics in a magnificent concert where he wins both the girl and the respect of his teacher.

Humour analysis

Based on my scientific research I'll offer in the near future analyses that show how humour-preferences of a target-group are met by a screenplay, text or audiovisual media content.