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"Löwenzahn" - episode "Bread" Ki.Ka at 19:25


Reading "Coastal Wolves 4" at the Altlandsberg City School.


"The Race" - (Director) - 2009

Length 83', Super 16mm, family film

German release date: 29th of October 2009

Eleven year old Mary lives a life of drudgery on a Northern Ireland hill farm. Determined to realise her dream of becoming a racing driver, she enters a cart race against the wishes of her parents and to the general scorn of the community.

Cast: Colm Meaney, Susan Lynch, Niamh McGirr, Jonathan Mason
Screenplay: Rowan O' Neill
DoP: Dirk Morgenstern
Production: Grandpictures Ltd., zerofiction GmbH
Editors: Diana Karsten, Dirk Schwarz
Distribution (Germany): Farbfilm
World Sales Agent: Highpoint


  • Main Jury Award Final Cut, Youth- and Kids-Film-Festival, Marburg, Germany
  • Nomination Int. Kids-Film-Festival, Giffoni, Italy
  • Nomination Cinekid Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Nomination Golden Sparrow Festival, Erfurt, Germany
  • Nomination Buster Int. Youth Film-Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

Trailer (direct link to website)

"Abspann oder der Held der Stunde" (final credits or the hero of the hour) - 2005-2007

directed by André F. Nebe
Length: ca. 9', Format HD

"The already realised episode of article 18 of the german constitution which I recently had the pleasure to watch was a very good piece. It is highly credible in matterns of its craft and subject and makes the audience reflect about our constitution." 
Brigitte Zypries, minister of justice in June 2005.

Cast: Peter Jordan, Josef Ostendorf
Production Company: movie members - GG19
DoP: Dirk Morgenstern
Editor: Diana Karsten

Trailer (Download für DSL ca. 20 Sek.)


"Examen" (Examination) - 2004

directed by André F. Nebe
Length: ca. 20', Format S16mm

Cast: Mareike Fell, Wanja Mues, Jona Mues, Wolfgang Kaven Producer: Annika Rieke
Camera: Bernd Hölsken
Editor: Diana Karsten + Imke Zöllner

Law student  JUSTIN BRANDT is just taking his final exams  at his university. On the last days of these exams he comes across one of his fellow students, THOMAS, who is in utter despair. This morning he has torn up his exam papers and has thrown books at Prof. HECKFURTH., head of the examination board.
He tells Justin that he has got onto something big, a real conspiracy and says that it is not only his but also Justin's duty to uncover this plot. From now on he doesn't give him a minute's rest. Half-heartedly Justin lets himself in for this affair for the only reason to be able to concentrate on the thesis for his degree.
So these two nose around the house of Prof. H. in the middle of the night, hoping to find some proof. However, this turns out to be a vain effort. But  still: Thomas is convinced of  a conspiracy among the professors. Allegedly they sell exam question for a stack of money, but Justin still has doubts about this. So the two students get into an argument and split. Justin throws himself into his work again.
The following day comes as a shock to him: he has failed all three written exams. It's all over now. But then, gradually, it seems to Justin as if there are indeed hints that a brisk trade with exam questions  is going on, and the professors are at the top of this business.
Maybe he'll get a second chance if he helps Thomas to expose this plot. Actually, there will be a second chance, but it is quite contrary to what he expects.


  • Europ. Shortfilmfestival FRAME, Maastricht, Holland
  • German Shortfilms 2005, Bonn
  • Europ. Filmschoolfestival "Illumenation", Helsinki, Finland
  • Int. Filmfestival Dresden, 2005
  • Festival Of Young Art, Breslau - Poland
  • Int. Film Festival Festroia, Setúba - Portugal

Nomination Shocking Shorts Award 2005  


"The Study of Law – Its Risks and Side-Effects" - 2003

a documentary directed by André F. Nebe

Length: 27'30'', Format DVCam

Camera: Bernd Hölsken
Editor: Habila Laout
Speaker: Christian Brückner

One out of ten students studies law, the reasons for this decision are obvious: multiple career chances and a well-paid job. But what is it really like? Is university teaching and tutoring still up-to-date? Is the final exam still in keeping with the current level (oder: standard) of the psychology of learning? What are the chances on the job market? Will private universities be a challenge to state universities? (Taking a look behind the scenes): this film looks critically at academic teaching and education and gives an overview to people intending to study law.

Interviews with: Prof. Dr. Hein Kötz (Bucerius Law School), Prof. Dr. Karl-Heiz Ladeur (Universität Hamburg), RA Frank Hansen (Repetitor)...a.o.

"Knockout - The Second Chance" - 2003

directed by André F. Nebe
Length: 13'30'', Format: S16mm

Cast: Jana Schulz, Dominik Maringer
screenplay: Veronika Hampl
Producer: Constantin Castell
Camera: Ute Freund
Editor: Diana Karsten

The girl Lenka is a boxer. Shortly before her most important fight she falls in love with Rouven, a musician. Instead of concentrating and preparing for this decisive fight she goes to his concert and promptly causes a scandal. Rouven is forced to interrupt his violin solo, and the eyes of the whole audience are fixed on her. She wonders if she has spoilt the whole thing, but she doesn’t give up so easily, and after the concert she manages to talk to him. But this also becomes a fiasco. In the boxing ring, in the ring, in the ropes she is out of luck, too, she seems to be losing her fight, unless there is a miracle. However, in love anything can happen. "The winner takes it all."


  • Kurzfilmnacht Euskirchen
  • Int. Filmschulfestival FIDEC, Huy - Belgien
  • VGIK - Filmschoolfestival, Moskau
  • ETIUDA - Int. Film Festival, Krakau - Polen
  • Int. Filmfestival Festroia, Portugal
  • Int. Filmfestival "Golden Knight" Moskau/Irkutsk
  • Golden Lion Int. Student Film Festival Taipei, Taiwan
  • Alpinale Vorarlberg
  • Outnow Filmfestival Bremen
  • Int. Filmfest Emden
  • Openair Filmfest Weiterstadt, Österreich
  • Shorts of Moonlight, Hofheim


"Kunstgriff" - 2002

directed by André F. Nebe
Length: 5'56'', Format: 35mm s/w

"Kunstgriff, shot in phantastic black-and-white, is most definetly one of the highlights. Andre proves his talent for storytelling. Here everything is as it ought to be oder: things are well-matched, evenly balanced. This also includes the exceptionally well-made opening credits | From a review in Blickpunkt Film vols 21|22 , 2003 "
Blickpunkt Film 21/22-2003

Cast: Ursula Buschhorn, Hans-Werner Meyer
screenplay: Katrin Lehnert
Camera: Sven O. Hill
Producer: Raoul B. Reinert
Editor: Diana Karsten

Anna ( Ursula...), an attractive and clever pickpocket makes a big haul while she is at a vernissage oder art opening. However, she is not alone. This time there is an unknown rival in her hunting ground, who even preys on her ,and so she herself is robbed. She does everything in her power in order to find him and return the compliment oder to pay him back...


  • Takes first prize for best film of the German Cinema in Mainz
  • Takes Prize for the best Film of the "Next-Generation"-reel, by RAI-Sat, Italy
  • Special Mention of the Jury of the Golden Lion Int. Student Film Competition Program in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Audience Award, Int. Student Filmfestival, Beijing/China


  • Next Generation Rolle 2003 - Export Union, Welttournee
  • Our Europe Film Programme, Edinburgh
  • Court 18, Paris
  • Shocking Short Awards, München (Finals)
  • Festival de Cannes, 2003
  • Kurzfilmrendezvous Strassbourg/Mainz
  • Message to Man, St. Petersburg
  • Cinema Jove International, Valencia
  • Golden Knight, Int. Filmfestival Moskau
  • 9th Short Film Festival, Drama - Griechenland
  • Kurzfilmnacht Euskirchen
  • Int. Filmfest Badalona - Spain
  • Filmfest Bargteheide
  • Int. Student-Filmfestival Mexico
  • Int. Filmfestival "Du Grain à Démoudré", Normandie, France
  • Int. Filmfest Brünn, Tschechien
  • Unabhängiges Filmfest Osnabrück
  • Int. Filmfest Hamburg
  • Noir in Festival, Rom
  • Festival der Filmhochschulen, München
  • Film Z, Mainz
  • DaKINO, Int. Film Festival, Bukarest
  • Int. Shortfilmfestival FIKE, Evora - Portugal
  • Int. Film Festival ETIUDA, Krakau - Polen
  • Emerging European Filmmakers, Milano - Itlay
  • Interfilm Berlin
  • VGIK-Filmschoolfestival, Moskau
  • Filmfest Dresden, Wettbewerb
  • Golden Lion Int. Student Film Festival Taipei, Taiwan
  • Alpinale Vorarlberg
  • Int. Shortfilmfestival, Goethe Inst., Kalkutta
  • Cinema Summer, Poitiers, Frankreich
  • Festival dei due Monde, Spoleto, Italien
  • Night Of The Museums, Hamburg 2005
  • Great shorts, Cinemaxx Berlin
  • Dithmarscher Kurzfilmfest, Heide
  • OpenArt Kunst-Kurzfilmnacht, Neuwied
  • Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival
  • Shorts at Moonlight Film Festival, Hofheim


Arte Interview

"Sterne" - 2001

written, directed and produced by André F. Nebe
Length: 14'30'', Format: 16mm

Cast: Jörg Koslowsky, Torsten Schwjck, Niklas Kohrt
Camera: Tom Bergsteiner
Editor: Diana Karsten

They are just 20 years old, cruising around town all night long, looking for something they haven‘t found yet. They drink heavily oder get drunk during their rides, smoke pot, turn on the car radio to full volume and play nasty tricks on hitchhikers, three boys with their own rituals and a clear hierarchy. They go back to the lake, where they saw the pretty girls in the morning, but now, in the evening they are on their own and they smoke their last joint. Tonight, however, things take an unexpected turn , and there is a nasty surprise for them in the parking lot. There is a crowd of angry people, who look upon them as murderers and rapists. These people turn their flashlights and the headlights of their cars at them, and, trying to escape the lights and the angry mob the boys run into the lake, trying to hide among the reeds oder rushes but there is another shock to them : next morning they can hardly recognize their car, and a mother is looking for her son. The hierarchy among them has changed, and the lake is to them no longer the place it used to be.


  • workshop of young filmmakers, Wiesbaden, Germany 2002
  • short-screening, München, Germany Juli 2003


Screening auch bei

"Morgen (Tomorrow)" - 1997

Director of Photography: André F. Nebe
Length: 16'22'', Format: S8mm s/w

Cast: Anna Wendt, Johannes Matuschka, Felix Dohna


  • abgezoomt: 10 Festival of youngest film, 1997