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Reading "Coastal Wolves 4" at the Altlandsberg City School.


"Wolves of the Coast 4" in bookstores now!

"The Race" in the German Press

„This kids movie captures our hearts by storm!“

TV today

„A film that encourages enormously.“

Hannoversche Allgemeine 29.10.09

„A timeless beautiful kids’ movie, that impresses with a simple story and refreshing young characters.“


„A warm-hearted, social restrained but very precisely told story about the power of dreams, loss and the cleverness of the weak ones.“

Leipziger Volkszeitung 29.10.09

„A racy adventure in front of a beautiful natural setting that shows that its worth fighting for your dreams even when there are stumbling blocks in your way. Suspensfull for grown ups and little ones. Especially eyecatching: the amazing soapboxes.“

B.Z. 29.10.09

"Real life with real characters- a bitter-sweet family film from Irleand that shows that life can be unfair but you never should give up."

Bild 29.10.09

"A beautiful film about small disappointments, big dreams and fast soapboxes."

Freie Presse 29.10.09

"It is the power of the film that it does not bet on the simple happy ending but shows that conflict between parents is not always resolved in a child’s sense and that there are sudden decisions to be made."

epd film

„„The Race“ is most convincing when it suggests the parental and children’s worlds are equal yet distinct, standing side by side. Where  kids’ movies often try to get a distance from the grown up characters, director André F. Nebe instead manages very well in his debut movie, guiding his young heroes  through the family and social reality without losing the fun and adventure.“

Hamburger Abendblatt 29.10.09

"The Berlin based director André F.Nebe is in his feature film debut more interested in a multi-layer storyline than with cracking action.
His film not only tells the story of Mary’s charming race preperation, but it also aim contemplative tones. Thanks to the appealing cast and the multi-layered storylines contrasting fun and melancholy, The Race is a traditional kidsmovie and a recommendation for visitors from 8 on."

Nibelungen Kurier 24.10.09

"Certainly in the foreground of the movie is a great race with the soapboxes and it is done with suspense right up to the great finale of the movie. But the filmmaker let swing ably in front of the eye of the audience and tells on the side a serious and informative story about the problems that most kids are confronted with at one time or other. They learn this in The Race without preaching."

taz Bremen, 29.10.09

"Director André F Nebe tells the story of an outsider who has to overcome obstacles and prejudice.
The dreams of the girl are contrasted to the divorce of the parents.
The conciliation between father and daughter is a touching moment in this convincing film with its exciting race. A movie that is not avoiding the problems of kids and grown ups. Loaded with hope, the film has a go-cart race, where winning or losing is in the foreground  but true friendship is more important."

zitty Berlin, 28.10.09

"Despite some amusing parts, André F. Nebe’s feature film debut is not a comedy. It shows kids and their parents living complicated lives the way it often is."

Berliner Morgenpost 29.10.09

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